Selling to Us

The primary way we acquire inventory is from customers.  Folks bring us anywhere from a bag o’ books to 15 boxes for us to consider purchasing.

We buy Tuesday through Saturday, noon to five.

We buy outright, or offer store credit for double whatever the cash amount might be.

Store credit may be used at any time.  We keep a file and never delete anyone’s credit.  One guy came in recently and said that he might have some store credit on file, though it might have been two or three years ago.  We checked, and his credit was from seven years earlier, just waiting for him to come shopping with it.

We buy all kinds of books, from paperbacks to antiquarian material.

We also buy DVDs and CDs.

Which Books Should You Bring?

We’re frequently asked what books we’re interested in buying.  While we can say that we want scholarly non-fiction, leather-bound sets, and fine bindings, as well as more common material, it’s easier to state what kind of books we don’t buy.

We don’t buy:

  • National Geographic magazines or books
  • Reader’s Digest publications
  • Time-Life books
  • Textbooks
  • Romance, Computer, Religious fiction, Christian-life books
  • Book Club editions
  • Magazines, with some exceptions for some pre-1960 issues if in very good condition
  • Library discards
  • Books without dust jackets if they were published with them – popular fiction especially
  • Musty-smelling books, books smelling strongly of smoke, or books with water damage or mold
  • Please call FIRST before bringing in sets as we buy very few

A Note About Condition

We buy books in very good condition.

We’re offered so many books that we can be rather selective regarding condition.  The books have to be not just readable, but the binding must be in very good condition, with no notations or underlining in the text.  Some leeway is afforded to books from the 19th century and back.  Books published later than 1900 are not considered to be old, and even 19th century books are not necessarily valuable.

While we may buy some of your books, we probably will not buy all of them.  We recommend you take the no-thank-yous to your local library and tell them you have books to donate to their Friends of the Library organization, which can offer them at $1 or $2 to raise money for programming and/or equipment.

How Long Does the Process Take?

If you are thinking of bringing material in to sell, please understand that while we usually are able to look at your books right away, it might take us a little time if

so many books are brought in that it would take us some time to check them out and research the less common titles.  In such cases we ask the seller to return either later in the day or perhaps the next day.  Books dropped off are not to be left longer than the agreed-upon time to return to settle up with us, and to pick up the books that we can’t use.

Customers are actively at the counter buying from us, as we give priority to those purchasing from us, generating funds from which we can buy books, CDs, and DVDs.

How Much Do We Pay?

In short, it depends on the book.  We evaluate each one carefully and make an offer of around 20% of our expected selling price.  Some books may receive a higher percentage depending on a substantially elevated retail price.

Occasionally we may reject your books simply because we have too many of that title or subject in stock at that time.

Regardless of how many we can use, we always appreciate that you brought them to the Acorn Bookshop.